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Our mission at Autumn Farms and Gardens Foundation is to educate the public about the benefits of hobby farms on mental health and well being. We support initiatives and organizations that provide social services to individuals with mental health conditions. We promote the importance of balanced mental health for everyone, regardless of whether you have a diagnosed condition or not. 

We believe everyone benefits from being outside working in the garden and interacting with animals. We strive to offer programs to help bring about the peace of mind of a well balanced mind, body, and soul.



Farm Animal
Interaction Experience

Meet, pet, feed, interact, play, and hangout with the animals.

Body Wellness
Farm Workouts

Join us as we participate in everyday farm chores designed to promote a healthy body, led by a personal fitness instructor.

Mind Wellness
Farm Workouts

Participate in yoga, breath work, meditation, and sound healing on the farm, led by our spiritual instructor.

Farm Gardening

Get your hands dirty and have some fun in the garden. Planting, pruning, weeding, and relaxing.

Farm Tour
Educational Experience

Come out and enjoy the country setting and learn about the animals, gardens, and orchard.

Learn more and sign up for programs today!

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