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Farm life is hard work, but very rewarding at the same time. Our farm is constantly evolving and growing.

We currently have a menagerie of furry and fluffy friends on the farm including goats, sheep, poultry, game birds, waterfowl, horses, cows, and llamas. Some are raised for food, some for fiber, just for fun, livestock, guardians, and some are just our furry friends!



Luke (Skywalker) the goat, came to the farm in June 2021. He is named after the Star Wars character. He loves to jump around the goat pen and eat grass.


(Princess) Leia the goat, came to the farm in June 2021 as a kid goat. Her brother Luke came with her and they were the first two livestock animals on the farm. She loves human interaction and being scratched on the forehead.


Comet is our 18 year old gelding, half Arabian, half quarter horse. He is a retired border patrol horse we adopted from a local horse rescue. He loves to run around, eat apple treats and have his head scratched.


Halley is a 10 year old bay mare, full Arabian. She was rescued from a trail horse outfit and we later adopted her. She loves walking and is a calm, sweet soul.


Cammo is a 3 year old llama that joined the farm in May 2022. Cammo is currently being trained as a pack animal for hunting trips. He lives with the goats and helps keep them safe from predators.


We have 2 breeds of sheep on the farm. Cormo sheep are a wool breed which originates from New Zealand. Their wool is highly sought after by spinners for its fine fibers and staple length. Our Barbados Sheep are traditional meat breed and have short hair. They are tan with black coloring.


We have chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys on the farm. They are raised for their eggs, some for meat and others just as farm pets. They enjoy free ranging on the farm and eating all the organic material and bugs they can find!


We have cows on the farm that are being raised for meat. We feed them alfalfa grass hay plus sweet feed grain as a finisher.


Coming in 2023.

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